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Barb's Homemade Soap and More

Sensual: A Prefect blend of Patchouli , with a subtle addition of SandalwoodStep back in time.........

Relaxation: Nothing compares to the gentle relaxing properties of Lavender Make the world go away!

Temptation: We shall always have a Love affair with Chocolate and Peppermint for  utterly "sinful delight"

Sweet Escape: Never has the warm sweet fragrance of Warm Vanilla sugar cookies brought such calorie free pleasure.

Sunrise: Just as the sunrise starts a new day our Sunrise Lemon-Ginger fragrance will bring new energy back into the weariest of souls.

Oatmeal Cinnamon: Take a deep breath right in to grandma Kitchen.MMMMM...............

Sweet Dreams: Gentle soothing Lavender with a touch of Chamomile to help you sleep(works for baby's too!)

Fishermans Bar:This rich scent of Anise and Ginger is sure to enhance any sportsmans luck.


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    Sweet Valentine


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